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About us

Mission and Goals

Cathay Maple Global Corporation (CMGC) is a Canadian-owned private enterprise. CMGC has two main goals:

Connect Canadian maple syrup producers into emerging markets around the world, especially, Asia and Europe.

Research, develop and build a robust management information system for the maple syrup industry, further adding value to consumers and producers while streamlining inefficiencies and enhancing transparency in the supply chains of maple products.

Connecting to New Markets

CMGC is here to help maple syrup producers in Canada to realise new export revenue streams from untapped markets in Asia, starting with China. The Canadian maple syrup industry is highly regulated and is renowned for its adherence to quality control standards.

Social Innovation through Tech

CMGC’s future management information systems will employ end-to-end supply chain management and smart contracts to facilitate new revenue streams previously difficult to capture as well as to promote socially innovative solutions. Among them includes the ability for stakeholders in the maple syrup industry to ensure food safety and quality control.  

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For Canadian maple syrup producers who wish to export maple products overseas, primarily in Asia and Europe, please get in touch with us.

Cathay Maple Global Corporation Ltd.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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